Architecture of the Magazine

Spring 2016

Fabio Gigone and I conducted a 21 day elective workshop for the students of the 3rd year at the Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark.

The aim of the workshop was to look at the magazine as a project and question what this project would be today.

To understand the magazine and its role in architecture the workshop was designed as two parts. In the first part the students (in groups) had to analyse the magazine, not unike the way a building is studied. The criteria was pre-set and involved physical attributes such as, layout, size of the magazine, paper quality, to mention a few and discipliny attributes like, its history, influence, main protagonists to mention a few. In the second part the students were asked to constitute an editorial board and re-design the magazine in consideration of its legacy, history and future.

The workshop was not reviewed but rather the different editorial boards discussed their designs with invited guests from SOCKS, amongst others.

Pedagogically, the workshop utilised the method that I have used in my unit. A case-study method, where drawing, mapping, representation of the object is a form of research and allows a a embodied understanding of the researched object. The anaysis is multipronged in the sense that it is not limited to physical attributes but has components that force the student to grapple with architectural history and the history of architectural media, and education. The Brief given to the students can be seen below.

Below is an example of the work that the group that studied Abitare produced as their provocation. They argued for a weekly edition, geared towards a more main-stream audience that allowed architecture to viewed in its relationship with other disciplines and a strong focus on social causes and politics.

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