Naina Gupta

Hello. My name is Naina, which in Sanskrit means eyes. I have been told that I have ‘intense’ eyes. I believe that the word intense is used colloquially to mean piercing or  ‘eyes that penetrate one’s façade’. I can’t say if this is true; however, I never complain about the connection forged between my physiognomy and my name. I like believing that I can pierce through the obvious; I read an article about Robin Evans, whose writing I admire, that described him as someone who while immersed in the show is completely aware of the sets behind. A rare attribute. The eye, and vision is an important figure in the architectural discipline.

I am an architect: I started studying architecture in 1994. My Bachelors in architecture was awarded to me in India and the M.Arch and M.Phil are from the Architectural Association in London, where I am doing my PhD. I have worked in India – Bombay and Bangalore, promiscuously flitting between competitors; in Singapore while moonlighting for an Australian company; in the Netherlands while being employed by a Russian company; and in Denmark while doing a PhD in London.

I  like words. My favourite writers are Neil Gaiman, Oscar Wilde, Rem Koolhaas and Robin Evans – I return to them more frequently with age and they get richer with every reading. More than music, I like hearing the sound of spoken words. I am always learning a language though in practice I only speak English and some Hindi. I have learned French, and Dutch. I can read some of the cyrillic alphabets from my time in Moscow and currently I am studying Italian. I study best by myself.

I am shy and vivacious on-demand. I am insatiable except at the dinner table. I am neither arrogant nor am I fakely modest. While, my facial expressions may be described as difficult to read, my writing is not. I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say.